Cables RIC01A 4,5m

Cables RIC01A 4,5m

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REFERENCE® RIC01A ”Acoustic" Series instrument cable is expressly designed for any electro-acoustic stringed instruments piezo pickups (guitar, bass guitar, upright bass, bouzouki, cello), as well as Rhodes piano, accordion, ...etc, which are amped up with hi-Z piezoelectric transducers.  Thanks to its special inner geometry, its SILVER-plated multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors and its extremely low capacitance, RIC01A is able to transfer the audio signal with outstanding accuracy.

It brings back a hugely wide, powerful and incredibly detailed sonic picture, keeping unchanged the harmonic content (frequency relationships of the spectrum) which characterizes the unique and distinctive sonic identity (the “tymbrical print”) of your instrument.

The unconventional “Symmetrical Design”, with double conductors ( signal + ground + shield ), insures greater immunity from EMI and RFI interferences then a standard coax design. The result is a noiseless, full range and balanced sound, rich in harmonics and dynamics, with crystal clear highs, and warm big-bottomed lows.

RIC01A gives you a lossless, full-bodied and deeper tone, while being much more defined and present ...

ultimately, the ACTUAL TONE of your stringed ACOUSTIC



Cable Specs

Inner conductor #1 (signal): OFC Silver Tinned copper

Inner conductor #2 (ground): OFC Silver Tinned copper

Insulation: PE Double Layer + fillers

Shield (cond. 1): Tinned Copper braid (coverage 99%)

Jacket - PVC Superflex compound, Ø 7mm

Available colors: Brown, Black

Working Temperature: -40 +80°C

Minimum Bending Radius: 8x cable Ø

Reference® Labs RIC01-A premade cable is assembled with Switchcraft 1/4” TS Phone Plug, straight and angled.