Cables RICS01R "Rock Bite" 4,5m
Cables RICS01R "Rock Bite" 4,5m
Cables RICS01R "Rock Bite" 4,5m

Cables RICS01R "Rock Bite" 4,5m

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REFERENCE® RIC-S01R  "Rock Bite" Series is highly recommended to all guitar/bass players who want to get more "bite" out their instrument for HARD-ROCK / METAL performances.

RICS01R instrument cable is designed to shine on electric guitars and basses with active pickups (humbucker), giving more energy and sharpness to your mighty, flinty riffs and speed shredding solos.

The SOLID OFC CORE construction minimize high freqs “fizz” and distortion (the unwanted one) giving you a brighter, cleaner, more detailed big-bottomed sound.

The special cable sheath compound provides high flexibility without compromising the electrical features and highly conductive tinned copper lap shield offers superior noise rejection. RIC-S01R gives your guitar/bass better midrange response (800 Hz), more precise and faster attack and also more “punch” and sustain. Your tone will be louder, richer, more dynamic and powerful than ever, in other words... A really “rocking” sonic impact and...

of course, better performing as well. \m/


Cable Specs

Inner Core: Solid Bare CU 0,50mm²  Ø AWG20

Insulation: FOAM PE Ø 2,6 mm

Shield 1: PVC Semiconductor Ø 3,7 mm

Shield 2:  Tinned Copper Spiral - full-coverage

Jacket: PVC Superflex compound  Ø 7,6 mm

Minimum Bending Radius:  6x cable Ø

Reference® Labs RICS01R premade cable is assembled with Neutrik Gold lated 1/4” TS Phone Plug (NP2X Series).